This Travel Data SIM Card Will Make Your Backpacking Adventures Easier & Cheaper!

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Backpacking is a great way to embark on an awesome travelling adventure. All you have are the things in your pack, the clothes you wear, and contents of your pockets – nothing to slow you down… or so you thought? Obviously, you’ll have your smartphone with you to help with safety, communication and logistics, but it’s basically useless without the most important feature – mobile data.

If you’re a fellow traveller, you would know how annoying it is to find a local SIM card as soon as you land – especially if you’re planning to stay at a certain place for only a few days before heading to the next country, and don’t get me started on data roaming charges!  Those prices can definitely take out a good chunk of your budget too 🙁

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If you’re counting on WIFI to be accessible around the world, let’s be real – it’s not everywhere and you don’t want to get caught in a sticky situation without mobile data and internet access.

That’s where AIRSIM comes in! Say goodbye to expensive data roaming charges because this award-winning travel SIM card can be used in more than 130 countries outside of Malaysia for a reasonable price. It’s a long term solution for your travel data needs as AIRSIM is reusable.

Here are 3 things you need to know about AIRSIM:

1. All you need is just ONE card!

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Just with one AIRSIM – you can use that same card for different destinations and occasions. The only thing that needs to be done is to select your destination and desired data package from the AIRSIM app prior to your every trip.

2. It works with mobile operators around the world to provide you with mobile data service at local data rates

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After registering yourself on the AIRSIM ROAM app, you can choose a suitable data package before travelling to your destination. Upon arrival, turn on data roaming function on your mobile and you can enjoy mobile data service in 3 minutes. For some hot destinations, the data package charge is as low as RM4.3 per day. Can you believe it?

In simple words – AIRSIM will be transformed into a local SIM upon arrival at your destination based on the data package that you purchased. Now you don’t have to worry about losing your internet access!

3. Feeling homesick? Call your loved ones with a free talk-time!

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If you download the AIRTALK ROAM app, you can stay connected with your loved ones and make calls while you’re overseas. Each data package comes with 30 minutes of FREE AIRTALK  talk-time for you to call destination local numbers and call back hometown, including landlines. Ain’t this awesome?!

As you can tell, this is a must-have for your travelling adventure. No matter where you are, now you can enjoy seamless data service, making it one less thing to worry about! Check out this video to see how easy it is to use AIRSIM:

The AIRSIM app is available on iOS and Android

To find out more, visit AIRSIM’s website by clicking, here

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