This Obedient Puppy Helps Its Owner To Manage The Vegetable Store While The Owner Runs Errands

(Source: Daily Mail)

Dogs are a man’s best friend; you can count on them no matter what the situation might be.

Recently, a small town puppy from Northern China has transformed into an internet sensation overnight when a viral video clip of him circulated the internet. The mutt was minding his owner’s food stall at a bazaar in Hebei Province.

Apparently, the shop’s owner had to run errands and put his trusty pet in charge especially when it comes to minding the sales of red dates and walnuts.

According to The Daily Mail, Mr Wang who was a frequent visitor to the market had captured the heartwarming video of the puppy which he called Da Huang or Big Yellow.

(Source: Daily Mail)

The puppy’s obedience had caught Mr Wang’s attention that he would often give him a piece of a chicken leg when he visited the store. At the same time, he also described the dog to be active yet very gentle to everybody.

Guess we don’t need humans anymore, right?