This Museum in China Lets You Sleep With Mummies

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(source: Trip Advisor)

Now here’s an exhibition that you won’t be misbehaving at…

Some of us enjoy a little sun on vacation, others want a bit of art and culture, but if your idea of a tourist attraction involves sleeping with creepy pieces of history, then we’ve got your itinerary right here…

According to The Star, The Turpan Museum in Xinjiang, China is offering a bizarre experience to visitors by snuggling them next to skeletons of the near horn beast (paraceratherium), dinosaurs and – what you’re actually here for – millennia-old mummies.

You will not be literally sleeping next to them though, the two mummies will be exhibited in their own glass casing, while you’ll be in one of several tents that the museum has set up in the exhibition hall for you to sleep in.

(source: Global Times)

In a report by Global Times, Deng Yonghong – deputy director of the museum, said the ‘sleep-at-the-museum’ project is an educational experience and has attracted a lot of young visitors interested in Chinese history and culture.

“It was a little scary at first,” said Zhao Yongning, a visitor who was about to spend a night in one of the museum’s tents. “I’m relaxed now and looking forward to turning off the lights.”

The two mummies exhibited in their own glass box are more than 3,000 years old. Make sure to say your nightly prayer before you say goodnight though…

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