‘Mekdi’ Malaysia Celebrates 37 Years of Being Malaysian

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(image credit: McDonald’s Malaysia)

When it first opened back in 1982, McDonald’s quickly became one of the most celebrated F&B establishments in Malaysia.

In celebration of Merdeka and Hari Malaysia, McDonald’s Malaysia celebrated its 37 years of being Malaysian by embracing its local nickname – Mekdi!

The first Mekdi branch opened in 1982 that stands in Bukit Bintang, now prominently displays the ‘Mekdi’ sign. A nod to local colloquialism.

Almost everyone loves a good Double Cheeseburger or Ayam Goreng McD and to be honest, we feel Mekdi has unofficially become our soul food. Thank you ‘merica!

The McDonald’s Bukit Bintang displays the Mekdi signage, in conjunction with Merdeka and Malaysia Day. The McDonald’s Bukit Bintang restaurant is the very first McDonald’s to open its doors in Malaysia back in 1982. (image credit: McDonald’s Malaysia)

Merdeka is just a few days away and to celebrate all things Malaysian this month, Mekdi Malaysia also introduced their version of the nasi lemak.

Nasi Lemak McD, which contains everything a nasi lemak should – fragrant white rice, fried egg, crispy anchovies, fresh cucumber, sambal – adds on to their successful Ayam Goreng McD as localised products.

McDonald’s Malaysia vice president and chief marketing officer Melati Abdul Hai (left) and McDonald’s Malaysia marketing officer Eugene Lee showing of the Nasi Lemak McD (image credit: McDonald’s Malaysia)

Recently, Mekdi recognised how Malaysians love their nasi lemak and in true Malaysian spirit, they’ve initiated a nationwide petition to crown Nasi Lemak as Malaysia’s official dish. The target is 1 million signatures by 16 September 2019 on Malaysia Day. You can join the petition here.

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