This Ice Cream Bar Serves A Boozy, Good Time with Their Alcoholic Ice Cream & Cakes

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source: The Ice Cream Bar Facebook)

If you’ve hung around Desa Sri Hartamas or Seapark, you’ve probably walked pass The Ice Cream Bar. Maybe you might’ve even been inside a couple of times for a fun, boozy hangout with friends.

The Ice Cream Bar specialises in artisanal ice creams infused with a variety of liquor such as rum, whisky, cognac and more.

You can choose from 20 alcoholic ice creams starting from RM10.40 per scoop and above which are made in-house for maximum freshness and goodness.

source: The Ice Cream Bar

We’ve been there before and we’ve tried a couple like the Rum & Raisin ice cream, which is infused with Captain Morgan rum, and the Chocolate Baileys which is infused with cognac.

Despite the name, The Ice Cream Bar offers more than just ice cream. You can get the creamy goodness in pints or you can opt for their cakes. There are also buttermilk waffles, coffee or tea and even seasonal craft beers.

In short, there’s something for everyone!

source: @iamhiiao/ The Ice Cream Bar

It’s safe to say that this joint is one of the best alcoholic ice cream joints in the Klang Valley area and we’re excited that it’s opening soon in One Utama in mid-September. So to all of you Damansara folks, y’all don’t have to travel far to get your fix.

The Ice Cream Bar opens daily with different operating hours. Follow them on Facebook for more updates.

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