This Emotional Hari Kebangsaan Video by Digi Will Make You Proud To Be Malaysian

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If there’s one thing that makes us Malaysian, it’s the values we carry – we’re passionate, resilient, creative, and diverse

Image via Digi

We Malaysians have an undying spirit, perseverance, and passion to always strive. While we may be diverse and come from different backgrounds, that does not change the love we have for our country. These are just some of the trademarks of our people, businesses, and all things Malaysian.

We are all Malaysian made, KITA buatan Malaysia – that’s our Malaysian pride.

In conjunction with Hari Kebangsaan, Digi just released a heartfelt video that reminds us what makes us truly Malaysian

From a 4th generation rattan maker and independent blacksmiths, to a traditional wooden clog maker and a fusion calligrapher, this video by Digi showcases what makes Malaysians special. Hearing the inspiring stories of these local artisans and seeing their beautiful craft will definitely make you proud to be Malaysian! :’)

The video also shows the real-life struggles faced by local artisans, in particular the impact of the pandemic on their respective businesses

Image via Digi

For many of these local artisans, the three months of the Movement Control Order (MCO) badly affected their businesses. With delays in delivery, boutiques not being open, and everything else brought to a halt, it was a real struggle for them to keep going.

Nevertheless, it’s really inspiring to see how they continued forging ahead despite all these challenges

Image via Digi

Instead of losing hope, these local artisans took the opportunity to innovate by doing new things and expanding their business ideas. Even traditional craftspeople like blacksmiths and wooden clog shoe makers learned how to go virtual and bring their businesses online to keep up with the times.

That’s our Malaysian spirit, never giving up because KITA buatan Malaysia

In line with this theme, Digi wants to bring Malaysia back to Malaysians with local brands that share similar values of passion and resilience. That’s why they’ve come up with their ‘Buatan Malaysia, Buatan Kita‘ campaign, featuring 11 local artisans of various backgrounds, specialising in different kinds of craft.

Check out these inspiring local artisans and some of their work:

1. Rohana bt. Saadan – quilt maker and founder of Anna Patchwork House

Image via Digi, Bispoint

Follow Anna Patchwork House on Facebook and Instagram.

2. Roslee b. Ahmad – independent blacksmith that specialises in making parang

Image via Digi,@rosle_parang (Instagram)

Follow Rosle Parang on Instagram.

3. Mohd Fauzi b. Mohd Rashid – independent blacksmith that specialises in making parang

Image via Digi, @rosle_parang (Instagram)

4. Wooi Loke Gee – wooden clog maker and founder of Gee’s Original

Image via Digi, Gee’s Original (Facebook)

Follow Gee’s Original on Facebook.

5. Jonathan Tay – rattan furniture maker and 4th generation of Gek Guan Rattan Furniture in Melaka

Image via Digi, Gek Guan Rattan Manufacturer

Follow Gek Guan Furniture on Facebook, Instagram, and on their website.

6. Ling Hooi Yin – founder of Tinypinc, specialising in decorative miniatures

Image via Digi, @tinypinc (Instagram)

Follow Tinypinc on FacebookInstagram, and on their website.

7. Subramaniam a/l Nadarajah Pather – goldsmith and 2nd generation of S.Nadarajah Pather & Sons Jeweller & Gems

Image via Digi, @snpj107 (Instagram)

Follow S.Nadarajah Pather & Sons Jeweller & Gems on Facebook and Instagram.

8. Fatin Nabiha bt. Othman – founder of Abit Enterprise, specialising in batik, craft, sewing, and other experiments

Image via Digi, @hisayanghowareyou (Instagram)

Check out Fatin’s work on Facebook and Instagram.

9. Jaemy Choong Lee Chien – a calligrapher and graphic artist who combines a fusion of traditional calligraphy with modern design

Image via Digi, @jaemyc (Instagram)

Check out Jaemy’s work on Facebook, Instagram and Behance.

10. Juwita Tatan Wan – co-founder of The Tuyang Initiative, a company championing Borneo indigenous cultural heritage

Image via Digi, @thetuyang (Instagram)

Follow Tuyang on FacebookInstagram and on their website.

11. Salmah bt Abd Aziz – founder of Abas & Sal Batik, specialising in hand drawn batik

Image via Digi, @abasandsalbatik (Instagram)

Follow Abas & Sal Batik on Facebook and Instagram.


All in all, Digi wants to encourage Malaysians to support and buy local

For a limited time, Digi will be featuring these artisans and their work on the MyDigi app with special discounts to encourage Malaysians to support local works of art. Ultimately, every time we buy local, we are making a choice to help build the brands that have come to life in our own backyards.

Here’s all you need to know about Digi’s ‘Buatan Malaysia, Buatan Kita’ Sale:

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Image via Digi

This Hari Kebangsaan, let’s remember all our local artisans and craftmakers whose hard work remind us what it means to be made in Malaysia. Buatan Malaysia, Buatan Kita!

Find out more about Digi’s campaign on their website today.

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