8 Things You’ll See in a Family Group Chat

If you aren’t already in a family group chat, then you should definitely create one for your family, because it’s the simple things in life like this that keep our days interesting. Whether it’s a large family group chat that includes your uncles (most of whom are inactive), aunties (beware: they like to spam), and cousins (some you may have never even spoken to) or just your parents and siblings, you’ll definitely suffer from notice these common traits of having a family group chat.

1. Lots and lots and lots of photos of food (badly taken ones)

Malaysians love food, so naturally, they like sharing (showing off) photos of what they’re eating. But for some unexplainable reason, parents, uncles, and aunties suck at taking photos. As if holding the phone still and tapping a button is the hardest thing on earth, because half of the time you can’t make out what they’re taking a picture of. The other half? You get photos that look like they were taken with a rusty-old Sony Ericsson when they’re actually using the newest iPhone.

2. Now that they’ve sent photos of their food, they debate about it

Dad: “Nah, see see, laksa, RM10, big big prawn.”

Uncle: “RM10? Wah, too expensive, I rather eat grass.”

And it goes on and on.

Aunty 1: “I found good place to eat Thai food!”

Aunty 2: “Aiyo, that place I try already, too expensive, next time I bring you to eat REAL Thai food!”

Mom: “Thai food is Thai food la, what real not real?”

3. “Save money a bit, move to Canada”

Ah… the typical family debate. Family ‘hot topic’ as some would say. It seems like families have a pretty similar mindset, and a lot of them want to move to another country, preferably countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand… same old, same old. They’d pick apart Malaysia, but then you know that it’s all for show, home is Malaysia, no matter what they say. I mean, what would they do without Malaysian food?

4. Cringe worthy family group-chat names:





I’m sure you know what I mean. These group chat names are 100% certified cringe-worthy, but you don’t change it because although it is cringey, it warms your heart at the same time.

5. Daily doses of motivation quotes:

Need I say more? It’s either your mom or one of your aunties who tends to spam pictures of motivational quotes, along with a text like:

“Girl, have a good day at class today!”

“Ah boy, don’t worry for your exam!”

“Mummy loves you all!”

Sure, nobody likes being spammed, but even though the quotes are old school and soooo 2007, it makes your heart melt anyways.

6. You’ll have that uncle who loves to send riddles to get everyone riled up:

“Whoever can get the answer I chia you dinner.”

This might seem lame, but usually the entire family gets involved. Yes, even the kids who are “too cool” for lame riddles. They’re puzzling over it, even if they never reply.

7. There’s always a “doctor” in the group-chat:

Everyday, you’ll get random health articles from Facebook or news sites, and a full-blown lecture session about how important it is to drink water. Fever? Drink water. Flu? Drink water. Cancer? Drink water.

8. Not only do you have a doctor in the family group-chat, you have your own reporter too:

Usually, the kids don’t bother reading. We all know the adults are going to start debating over the news anyway.

Group chats can be super annoying, irritating, and dramatic (at times), but it’s usually one of the highlights of your day, seeing your family bickering and annoying the hell out of each other. It’s amazing how the family gets together even when they aren’t physically together. Some might be texting at work, in class, at home, or even overseas, but despite the distance, the entire rowdy family is always there. Once you’re in, there’s no way out since there’s no such thing as leaving a family group chat anyway.