This 19-Year-Old’s Dead ‘Nyamuk’ Collection Got Netizens Disturbed AND Impressed

(source: Twitter @zynapsed)

A young artist has revealed that she keeps every mosquito she kills, numbering her ‘victims’ in a rather odd collection.

Twitter user, Delisha Day shared the pictures on a before-and-after post she made to take part in the very popular “How it started vs How it’s going” challenge that’s making rounds on social media platforms currently.

For the ‘How it started’ image, Delisha can be seen to have caught one single mosquito, captioned with a celebratory “brooo I just caught a macchar [mosquito]”.

By the second picture, Delisha revealed a gruesome-looking exercise book with a page which appears to have been torn straight from the “we’re concerned about our spooky child” bit of a haunted house movie.

It would appear Delisha’s mosquito death toll has now surpassed the 80-mark, with the squished corpses taped side-by-side in orderly rows.

As many of professional collectors know, it’s fun to collect things. However, there are some collections which are a little more niche than others, and not everyone is sure about Delisha’s unusual hobby.

Take a look at what some people had to say: