This 12-Year-Old Malaysian YouTuber Bought Her First Car Valued At RM250,000

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source: GetCraft/ Alyssa Dezek (Instagram)

12-year-old Malaysian YouTuber, Alyssa Dezek is the youngest social media personality that’s in the country’s YouTube Top 10, with over 3 million followers and over 300 million views on her videos.

That’s not an easy feat to accomplish. To treat her herself, the young singer revealed on her Instagram that she bought her first car – a Toyota Vellfire which is valued at RM250,000.

However, the news didn’t sit well with some netizens who questioned her choice of buying such an expensive car.

They also wondered if her parents are mismanaging her financial success. Some felt that her earnings should be invested in her future education.

Alyssa’s mother, Suzanne responded to the accusations and told mStar that she respected her daughter’s decision to get the car for work purposes.


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“In my opinion, that’s her own money and she wanted the car so she can use it to travel comfortably for work such as shoots,” Suzanne told mStar.

“My husband bought a house for Alyssa and her sibling, there are also savings for her to further her education,” Suzanne said.

Suzanne added that she and her husband are not dependent on their daughter’s income. “A lot have said my husband and I want to use the car but it’s actually what she wanted, maybe they don’t know that Alyssa’s dad works as an airline captain – he can afford that car,” she said.

Although Alyssa is active in the entertainment industry now, Suzanne said her daughter’s education is still a top priority and her exams results have been good.

Alyssa is known for her covers of Malaysian and Indonesian songs, and has appeared in advertisements as well. She gained popularity after her mom uploaded her singing and playing the ukulele at the age of four.

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