These ‘Decade Dolls’ Are Ready to Slay Past Trends

To celebrate Pidgin’s sixth year anniversary, Creator Joshua David McKenney ganged up with Julia Emily Knox of East Village Hats to create six one-of-a-kind Pidgin Dolls.

To the uninitiated, Pidgin – a.k.a. the self-proclaimed world’s most glamorous doll – is a reinvention of the fashion doll as it’s a medium for the language of style. Her fluid appearance makes her the perfect channel for creative expression. Her classic, unchanging sculpt and her ever infinite number or looks ensure her constancy as a style icon.

The latest collaboration, called ‘Decade Dolls’, is inspired and styled after six decades – the ‘20s, ’30s, ’40s, ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s. For each decade, Julia has handcrafted a unique hat and outfit combo for Pidgin, along with a corresponding hat in human scale. The dolls and hats debuted at a special event in New York City in October 2017 and sold out quickly. Even Bratz – the ultimate baddie dolls –  can’t get on their level.

To see the full ‘Decade Dolls’ collection, just keep scrolling:

The ’20s – Cloche

The ’30s – Cocktail Hat

The ’40s – Top Hat

The ’50s – Turban

The ’60s – Pom Pom Cap

The ’70s – Wide Brim Fedora

To see more on how the dolls were made, press play on the video below:

Purchase Pidgin Dolls here.