These Adorable Bumpy Butt Stickers Will Protect Your Car From Unwanted Scratches

source: Shopee

Even when you don’t treat your car like it’s a stunt vehicle for a Fast and Furious movie, unwanted scratches and dents can happen too many times and we know it’s not our fault for driving like Vin Diesel.

If you’re tired of it, there’s a product that is not only cute but seems to work wonders to protect your car from those pesky roadside curbs and a-holes who park too close to you.

As seen in the video posted by @KakKening on Twitter, these butt stickers come in various characters that Malaysians know and love, such as Shin Chan, Doraemon and one Corgi.

While the thiccness of them cheeks are too cute not to touch, those bumps are designed to withstand the danger that might come to your vehicle.

source: Shopee

As we mentioned earlier, there is Shin Chan, Doraemon and a Corgi but for copyright purposes, they’re marketed as Kecil Baru, Kucing Biru and Anak Anjing (the last one is not a copyright bypass, just bad translation).

If you’re feeling cheeky and wants to stamp these on your Myvi turbo, the stickers are priced from RM20 and are available on Shopee in different packages.