These 3D-Hologram Hari Raya Greeting Cards by Pos Malaysia are going to make your Raya pop!

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(source: Astro Digital Publications)

Hari Raya is less than a month away and what better way to stand out from the crowd than with these 3D hologram greeting cards. Innovated by Pos Malaysia Bhd, they’ve combined technology and tradition in conjunction with the upcoming celebration.

Priced at RM12, each hologram card pack comprises a greeting card, an envelope and a stamp, a holographic plastic projector and a limited-edition postcard.

To view the 3D hologram video, consumers must download the hologram app via App Store or Google Play, and place the hologram plastic project on the smartphone screen. Easy as that!

“The evolution of technology has made everything easier including exchanging Raya greetings. The Millennials especially look for something different that has to break through the clutter of texting and using social media,” said Pos Malaysia group chief executive officer Al-Ishsal Ishak in a statement.

Pos Malaysia also partnered with Primeworks Studios for a special edition postcard of the upcoming Malay movie titled Pulang which is scheduled to be released after Hari Raya. Using the hologram app, you will be able to watch three teaser-trailers of the movie in 3D, as well as an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip.

This is not the first time Pos Malaysia have released tech-driven greeting cards. Last year, they made augmented reality cards…

This year’s Pos Malaysia Hari Raya greeting cards are available for purchase at 400 post offices nationwide. 

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