There’s a New Hangout Spot for Musicians and Vintage Music Lovers at Lot 10 KL

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While many hipster cafes have popped up over the past few years, music stores unfortunately having been closing down as the autotune generation take over. Social media and streaming services changed the way we access music, making CDs a relic of the past. Vinyl is cool now, a lot of OG music lovers and hipsters are making sure of it.

A new music store has opened right in the heart KL, making a statement that physical music be it instruments or records are still as relevant. On 29 November, Swee Lee Music opened their doors to people to experience their newly refurbished national flagship store located on the 3rd floor of Lot 10, KL.

For all your guitar needs and more.

Glamming a futuristic garage feel, the store comes complete with a cafe, vinyl section, music instruments of all sorts, curated lifestyle products, and a partnership with established pre-loved vintage instrument reseller, Well-Played Gear, in case you want to cop an axe from the 60s – all in one experiential space.

Managing Director of Swee Lee Music, Meng Ru Kuok

On the opening of the store, Meng Ru Kuok, Managing Director of Swee Lee Music said:

“Since Swee Lee began operating in Malaysia three years ago, we’ve been delighted to support local musicians as they pursue their creative journeys. The refurbished KL flagship store is about taking this to the next level. In a dynamic city like Kuala Lumpur, which has a deep passion for music and incredibly talented artists, we want to establish a space where anyone can be inspired to connect and create. We welcome you to drop by.”

Goodbye, regular ol’ cafes. I have a new spot now.

This is Swee Lee’s third store in Malaysia, and 15th in South East Asia. It’s refurbished and diverse spaces will make you feel at home whether you’re there for new gears, new threads or just a cup of coffee and music. There’s something for everyone here.

Keep the music culture alive. F**k genres.

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