The Walkmen: Cassette Tapes Never Die, Apparently

Back before Dalston became knob-end central, when the indie boom began and Pete Doherty was mistaken for the next rock god, The Walkmen were the go-to indie band for likeminded self-pitying emotional early 20-somethings. But boys don’t stay boys for a whole decade, by Lisbon (2010) the band reached maturity that gave the band radiance – there’s an un-indie amount of joy, relaxation, and vigour on the album.

Maturity isn’t always a good thing, especially perceived ones. Their follow-up Heaven, set to be released 4 June (UK), seems to be following the same mood if their first single, eponymously named ‘Heaven’, is any indication. While repetition might not be the best of traits, the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mantra works astoundingly well when repetition is improved upon.

‘Heaven’ is like the best tracks off Lisbon but with tightened drums, the two chords and bass hum with assonance, and the guitar riffs as pleasant as ever. ‘Seems’ is the operative word of this piece though, because once you listen to the lovelorn lyrics carefully, you’d realise that the desperation of their past has returned. The Walkmen is back.

The Walkmen’s Heaven will be released on 4 June in the UK and 5 June in the US. More on them here.