The ViciousZombies: Tearing into 2k12

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Image Ze Kopi

Young, fresh and full of energy, Jonathan Charles aka JonnyVicious and Lissa Jayne aka LissaZombie are the ViciousZombies, a pair of scenesters who made a name for themselves last year at a selection of bass music events across KL. This year they are set to wake the undead dancefloors with more killer sets and heavy drops. JUICE had a quick chat with these nightwalkers before their set at Blow Up! @ Milk tomorrow night to learn a bit more about what it means to be a ViciousZombie…

If you each had to describe yourself in 3 words what would they be?
Apocalyptic, epileptic & BASSBALLIN’!

What do you think we need to see more, and less, of in the local club scene?
More fresh music, less claustrophobia.

What will you bring to the table at Blow Up! this Friday night?
We will be bringing… hmm, let’s just say, so much bass, your mother grounds you for a year.

What music do you listen to in your free time?
We listen to Birdie.

What will you be sure to keep tabs on this year?
We will be keeping tabs on all sorts of issues, i.e. what Barrack Obama intends on wearing for his birthday and what Sarah Palin thinks of it.

What is one thing we can always expect from a ViciousZombie set?
You can expect your Eustachian tubes to go nuts in your ears, causing serious complications!

What do you think are the essentials for a good night out?
Our essentials are, not expecting a single thing, planning nothing. KL is so small, you tend to bump into everyone that matters and your night just becomes AMAZIIINNNG (said in an Italian accent).

Any 2012 resolutions for the ViciousZombies?
Our main resolution is to be thankful for all the party animals that make our gigs so super duperly crazy.

What about apocalypse survival advice?
To survive the apocalypse which is obviously gonna be a zombie apocalypse, We advice that you inject yourself with 100ml’s Zombie blood, 50ml’s Vicious Squirrel Blood, and 3ml of V (vampire blood, it has nothing to do with it, but we know the HIGH is AMAZING!).

The ViciousZombies will invade BLOW UP! @ Milk on 6 January 2012. Find out more about The ViciousZombies here.

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