The United States Wants to Arrest Venezuela’s President

Venezuela’s President, Nicolás Maduro source: Bloomberg

President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, is wanted by the United States’ Department of Justice (DOJ) for multiple charges of federal drug trafficking across several American states including Washington, New York and Florida. A $15 million reward will be given out for any information that could lead to Maduro’s arrest.

The situation gets hairier as “charges against almost a dozen others will also be announced soon, including Venezuelan government and intelligence officials and members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, Colombia’s biggest rebel group, which has long been funded by the cocaine industry” according to The New York Times.

Despite some information being withheld, other charges also include conspiracy, conspiracy to import cocaine into the U.S. as well as narco-terrorism (terrorism funded through the sale of narcotics).

About a month ago, U.S. president Donald Trump referred to Maduro as “an illegitimate ruler, a tyrant who brutalizes his people,” then proclaimed that “Maduro’s grip on tyranny will be smashed and broken.” Despite Venezuela’s failing oil industry, hearsay suggests that support from the drug market and people in it have helped Maduro remain in power.

Maduro’s aides are also accused of being in bed with drug lords to strengthen Venezuela in addition to personal monetary gain. Back in 2019, former Venezuelan Vice President, Tareck El Aissami of Maduro’s cabinet was indicted by a Manhattan federal court for exploiting his political rank to involve himself in drug trafficking activities.

Additionally, Diosdado Cabello – a close associate to Maduro, who formerly served as president of Venezuela’s National Assembly, was accused by The U.S. Treasury Department of narcotics trafficking among “other corrupt activities.”

‘Narcosbrinos’ which means drug-nephews. source: Wikipedia

Moreover, Maduro’s nephews are currently serving prison sentences in the U.S. on drug-related charges and allegedly tried to bring $20 million of drug money to maintain their family’s power. With all these odds stacked against the Venezuelan president, things don’t look too good for him in the near foreseeable future.

I’d bet the makers of hit Netflix series ‘Narcos’ are paying close attention to this situation.

source: Gfycat

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