The Throne (Jay-Z & Kanye West): Watch The Throne (Roc-A-Fella)

With apologies to Shawn Carter, he genuinely needs to watch the throne because with Dark Fantasy and now this, Kanye is definitely climbing up the hip hop royalty ladder. Before you cry “but Mr. Juice Writer Guy, this is a joint album!”, understand that Watch The Throne is pure Kanye West.

This is most evident in the production side of the record, a look at the samples – which goes through the music spectrum of hipster-friendly Cassius to soul legend Otis Redding – would inform you that the record is directly congruent to Yeezy’s taste in music. Even the guest producers are ‘Ye’s perennial favourites, RZA on ‘New Day’ and Pete Rock on bonus track ‘The Joy’ to name a few.

The only mark left by Jay-Z are his raps, and quite honestly while he is still very much technically gifted, his rapping has become tired – Jay is the Metallica of hip hop, people. ‘Ye on the other hand is a much less gifted rapper, yet he’s more entertaining. Who else can start a verse with ‘LOLOLOL’ and mourn over the need to have a slow motion video (“slow motion! Slow motion!” is our favourite chant now)? Kanye is a goddamn internet meme-generator, yo!

LISTEN TO: ‘No Church in the Wild’, ‘Made in America’, ‘Illest Motherf*cker Alive’, ‘New Day’
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In the game of thrones, you win or you die –