The Tea Behind the Distracted Boyfriend Meme

A good samaritan stumbled across something interesting while he was “looking up stock photos for work and … found ‘distracted bf’ girl.” Basically, Twitter user Andrew J Abernathy accidentally uncovered the backstory of the ignored girlfriend in this viral meme.

It’s been revised into countless relatable variations like this.

Turns out, the image above is only a fraction of the full story. Homegirl’s been starring in a series of stock photos by photographer Antonio Guillem, revealing the couple’s rollercoaster of a relationship.

“We decided to take a few risks, planning a session representing the infidelity concept in relationships in a playful and fun way,” Antonio reveals to Wired.

The photographer was surprised upon finding out that one of his many works had turned into a popular meme.

“I never thought that one of my images will be that popular. I didn’t even know what a meme is until recently, when the models started to tell me about the memes that people were doing with our work,” he says.

Good to know that Antonio’s finally getting the recognition he deserves.

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