The Highest Paying Jobs in Malaysia According To JobStreet


Ever wondered why some industries pay more than others? Or why supply and demand never quite add up when we’re looking for a job? Whether you’re planning to switch jobs or you’ve recently graduated, finding your ideal dream job in this economic state can be stressful.

However, based on a report done by Trading Economics, the rate of unemployment among Malaysians has decreased by 0.1% as of last year in November, which is a positive sign thus far for those who are still figuring out what’s best for them.

Recently, Malaysian recruitment site released their 2017 Salary Report based on data acquired from jobs advertised on their site. Apart from being able to check if you’re allegedly being over/underpaid by your employer in comparison to the rest of your locality (the report segments salaries based on regions-Northern, Central, Southern Regions, East Coast and East Malaysia), you can also check your potential future salary if you were to get promote to a different level, or if you jumped into another industry and started at a lower level.

Based on JobStreet’s report, we’ve rounded up the highest paying jobs by industries, and their salaries for 5 different levels from Entry Level to Senior Management. All figures here are the average maximum salary.

1. Entry Level – Max average income: RM5.5k

(source: Alistair Berg)

At Entry Level, it’s possible to get a hefty income of RM5,533 if you’re working in the field of Engineering along the lines of Construction/Building/Engineering specifically on the East Coast (Kelantan, Pahang and Terengganu).

Not surprisingly, if you’re in the Hotel/Restaurant industry in KL or Selangor doing Consulting (Business and Management) your average maximum salary would be RM5.1k.

And if you’re in Sales and Marketing for Computer/IT (Software) on the East Coast, you’ll be earning up to RM4.6k.

2. Junior Executive – Maximum average income: RM6.5k

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Moving up the scale, the highest income for this job level would be RM6.5K; that’s if you’re working along the lines of Computer/IT for Banking/Financial Services within the Southern region of Malaysia.

The Healthcare industry for Retail/Merchandising in the Southern region pays up to RM5950.

If you’re in Computer/IT for Chemical/Fertilizers/Pesticides in the Central region, then you could expect up to RM5182.

3. Senior Executive – Maximum average income: RM28K


It’s no surprise that when it comes to this job level, those who are working in Science, Oil & Gas, Petroleum would be paid up to RM28,250k within the Central region.

Working in the field Healthcare – Health & Beauty, Fitness, Grooming in the Northern region can earn one up to RM15,167.

Engineering Consulting (IT, Science, Engineering & Technical) maximum average salary is RM11,333k in the East Coast.

4. Manager – Maximum average income: RM15.6k

(source: Jetta Productions)

If you’re looking for jobs that are in the Central region for Building/Construction for Oil & Gas/Petroleum, then the highest average income would be RM15,611.

Accounting/Financing for the Gem/Jewellery industry’s maximum average income is RM14,500 in the Central Region.

Engineering for Consumer Products/FMCG in the Southern region clocks in an average maximum income at RM14.5k.

5. Senior Manager – Maximum average income: RM35k

(source: laflor)

To round up the list, Senior Admin/HR Managers at East Malaysia within the fields of Construction/Building/Engineering would earn RM35k as the highest average income according to JobStreet.

Meanwhile, those who are working in Healthcare/Medical Services in the Northern region, and those who are in Engineering for Semiconductor/Wafer Fabrication at East Malaysia will be earning an average maximum income of RM27.5k.


Phew! That’s it for the list of the highest paid jobs that you can find based on each job-level. As a reminder to our fellow readers, when it comes to choosing a job, at the end of the day, find a job that helps you to fulfil your life’s purpose. There’s no point in going for jobs that have an insane pay which you’re just not good at or don’t have any passion for at all.

Or hey, you can start your own business instead and create your own trend.

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