The Grumpy Cyclist

source: Nicholas Chean

Cyclist Café
When you think of cycling, coffee doesn’t come to mind first. However, for the people of The Grumpy Cyclist, that’s not the case. Owner Alex says: “The entire idea started during an away day workshop in Pangkor in January last year, on the premise that I wanted to marry the passion I had for good coffee and cycling, as well as providing a communal hub where anyone can come in freely to hang out. Cycle cafés are a staple abroad, I thought it would be nice if we had something for the KL cycling renaissance.” Being a third wave café, their first aim is to serve great coffee and food, and although not everyone will like or care for the idea of having an intense discussion on “the week that was” on their cycling calendar, the café still welcomes everyone.

Keeping in tune with its theme, the café organises a weekly night ride around the hills of Bukit Kiara and Bukit Damansara, which starts and ends at the café. “It promises to give first timers an intense workout. Having said that, the ride caters for all cyclists of all levels and will always have a sweeper ensuring that everyone starts and finishes together,” says Alex. Neither a traditional nor commercial bike shop, they have the capacity to order bikes exclusively for customers but only will do so once they understand customer profiles and needs. Equipped with a Bike Kitchen (the container), a mechanic (Aaron Chan, a well-known downhill pro) can be engaged to do repairs, detailing, and bike builds by appointment basis.

Apart from the Bike Kitchen, the café also features well-pressured showers for cyclists and a minimalistic décor to it (read: rustic). With bicycles hung on the café’s walls, the “show and tell” space really speaks for the venue’s identity. These are worn out bikes that have been used, they aren’t just decorations. The food (try their Gran Fondo breakfast set) is prepared in house daily from 8am to 4pm. With many regulars suggesting a dinner menu as well, they are working towards it in due time. Their coffee beans are from an independent roaster that creates a roast profile exclusively for the café, making it very in tune with the bespoke feel of the venue.

Wondering how does coffee make sense to cyclists? Alex relates, “A full shot of espresso would provide the spark you need to start the ride, add a bit of sugar to your Americano with a cake or muffin during a meal stop to add that bit of energy to finish your route and a nice hearty latte or piccolo for recovery post-ride.”

T: 03 7731 1400
E: [email protected]