The Final Future Music Festival Line-up + Itinerary, For Real This Time

The biggest music festival to reach this region is about to grace us, like, in less than 24 hours – that ish cray, son. And as music festivals are wont to, rumours are often abound! Which honestly doesn’t really affect the excitement seeing as The Chemical Brothers (super-confirmed!) are still bound to hit the decks tomorrow night!

Without further PR sugarcoating and despite what you have heard elsewhere, here are the final, final line-up and itinerary straight from the horse’s mouth, Livescape Asia;-

Flamingo Stage

Future Stage

Gnome Stage

Las Venus Stage

That’s not all, to help you plan out your festival experience, they’ve also provided us with a nifty entry guide in the form of a map;-

So that’s all folks! Super-confirmed straight from the organisers themselves. FMFA is the biggest outdoor festival in South East Asia, thus far! You’ll be a fool to miss it!

Future Music Festival Asia is tomorrow at Sepang International Circuit. Ticket at door is RM188. More deets here.