The-Dream goes Tumblr-n-B

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1977 is the new release by The-Dream — on this album known by his birth name Terrius Nash because he’s serious business now — available for free online, following the music distribution modus operandi of its likeminded antecedents Frank Ocean’s ultra, nostalgia and The Weeknd’s House of Balloons.

Unperturbed by the possibility of offending the business-minded sensibilities of his label, Def Jam, The-Dream stubbornly released 1977 on his official site early this month. Perhaps inspired by the slew of alternative RnB acts emerging seemingly out of the dark recesses of late night parties, the record sees The-Dream eschewing his mainstream songwriter skills with something a little more radical.

It’s strange hearing the same guy who co-wrote some of Beyonce’s female-centric songs sing “don’t fuck with me, woman” on his own record. But then again this is the guy who’s quoted saying “don’t get in a relationship if you’re going to leave if he cheats. 99% of the time he’s going to cheat.” Assholes tend to make better music though, we ain’t complaining.

1977 by Terrius Nash (The-Dream) can be downloaded here.