‘The Call Of The Flute’: A Dance Odyssey Blending Heritage & Contemporary Flair Will Land In KL Soon

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Photo credits: Bala Murali & Noveen Mannath, provided to JUICE

In the heart of the vibrant Klang Valley, a dance revolution is brewing, and it’s calling right out to you…

Kalpana Dance Theatre (KDT)  is about to unveil its 22nd work of opulence since its inception, as they present “The Call of the Flute,” an Odissi masterpiece set to mesmerise audiences on November 25, 2023, at the Shantanand Auditorium within the Temple of Fine Arts, Brickfields.

Imagine a world where ancient traditions meet youthful fervour…

Picture Krishna: The celestial herder, serenading the cosmos with his bamboo flute, while over 75 dancers, aged between four to 40, grace the stage with a synergy that interconnects reality with the divine.

Choreographer, Leena Mohanty. (Photo credits: Bala Murali & Noveen Mannath)

At the helm of this project are Leena Mohanty, a pioneering figure in the realm of dance, and Dr. Dheeraj Kumar Mohapatra, a prodigious musician whose melodies are known to intricately entwine a range of emotions. Together, their partnership has given rise to a production that goes beyond conventional limits, seamlessly incorporating elements of both tradition and modernity.

Photo credits: Bala Murali & Noveen Mannath provided to JUICE

“The Call of the Flute” not only delves into the ancient tales of Krishna but also explores the universal desire for connection and transcendence…

Artistic Director of Kalpana Dance Theatre, Shangita Namasivayam. (Photo credits: Bala Murali & Noveen Mannath)

These themes deeply resonate with the introspective nature of today’s youth. Under the visionary guidance of Shangita Namasivayam, Artistic Director of KDT, this production aims to feed young minds hungry for depth and meaning.

It’s not just a show; it’s a bridge between generations, a celebration of art’s ability to unify, inspire, and transform, while serving as a tribute to the power of cultural heritage in a world that often feels too fast-paced to pause and take in the beauty of tradition.

Photo credits: Bala Murali & Noveen Mannath, provided to JUICE

Ready to witness “The Call of the Flute” in all its timeless glory?

To secure your invites or learn more, get in touch with Shangita at 0176725672 or Shobita at 0132472045. Seize your chance to be a part of a show that allows you to connect with the heart and soul of human experience.

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