THE BIG FEST: RAISE YOUR VOICE benefiting The Malaysian AIDS Foundation

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Despite your unquestionably honest intentions, it’s no secret that there is one main receiver of the very generous gift of partying you invest liberally in now and again. Yourself.

Cover charge, drinks, cab rides and more, all purchased with the most charitable of thoughts; So that you can have a kick*ss night out. However, if the party karma’s caught up with you (like it probably should have) Ecoba has found a way to combine your partying with a genuinely good cause, the Malaysian AIDS Foundation (MAF).

Just pay the miniscule RM10 cover charge to receive entry to The Big Fest: Raise Your Voice, as well as a free drink, (ABSOLUT cocktail or a soft drink), and watch the party unravel for yourself. Live acts include Kyoto Protocol, Rollin’ Sixers, Ben’s Bitches, 3, Tashya’s Ink, Ain Zulkifly, Naked Breed, Russell Curtis, Narmi; as well as DJ sets from Bryan Burger, Faith, RaySoo, Bernie, Kamil, SoundKod, Nesh. And, if that’s not enough to keep you occupied you can scope the Bazaar, games, food, and, best of all, the ice cream truck.

Yes, ice cream truck!

Seriously though, while the Big Fest will be 10 fun filled hours, HIV isn’t. It’s for life, and it’s no joke. In fact people all over Malaysia and the world test positive every day. With half of the population of HIV positive persons being young adults, there’s never been a more relevant time to raise awareness, and understanding, with the hope it will in some way contribute to halting the spread of AIDS.

Sometimes it’s selfless to be selfish, no?

The Big Fest will begin 5pm Saturday 17 December at Ecoba. Find more deetz here.