The adidas Originals Arkyn Is Made For a Brand New Era of Creatives

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Images Renell Medrano

A brand new wave of creativity is here, and with it comes a shoe silhouette that’s uncompromising, bold yet effortless. Wear it however you want with whatever, because this shoe is made for the next generation of rule breakers who are tired of being boxed in.

Made to fit the individuals who are sick of being told how to look, sound, dress, or behave, the Arkyn’s creative process doesn’t involve the old school attitude that’s been in the women’s sneaker market for way too long. Instead, the beauty in this fresh pair of adidas Arkyn lies in its wearer and not the shoe; to be worn with no rules, no instructions, and no hype.

Kendall Jenner

Rooted in adidas’ iconic vintage style, the Arkyn eliminates all clichés with a new and technical silhouette that looks to both yesterday and tomorrow. Its design is playful, unexpected and chic to reflect the many ways of being a creative in 2018. But what does it mean to be a modern creative? It means to be free and open like the Arkyn, a shoe that’s open for translation – a canvas of expression.

Ana Kras

Upon first glimpse, the shoe comes with a clean technical mesh upper, decorated with a 3-stripe mark and a mesh tongue. A trainer that’s designed for creatives to work, think, inspire, collaborate, and create in also means that the Arkyn is designed with a sock-like construction to ensure optimum comfort.

Meanwhile, the shoe’s striking aesthetic comes from its neoprene heel and minimalist lace system, made complete by a BoostTM Midsole with rubber outsole, the very best in adidas technology.

Syv De Blare

To get you inspired, the five Arkyn icons chosen to represent the spirit of the shoe consists of modern day’s hottest and freshest female faces. There’s Serbian artist Ana Kras, model Kendall Jenner, floral design studio owner Marisa Competello, musician Syv De Blare, and soccer player Florencia Galarza.

Florencia Galarza

Photographed in their natural habitat, photographer Renell Medrano ditched the studio to capture the living space and little trinkets that surround these strong women in their everyday lives. Thuan Tran – A$AP mob’s go-to videographer – also worked alongside Renell to bring out these creatives’ spirit as authentically as possible.

Marisa Competello

Peep the colourways available for the adidas Originals Arkyn below (click onto each shoe to zoom):

Each pair retails for RM630 and is available on 5 April 2018 onwards, at the adidas Originals KLCC branch or online on the adidas website

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