Thanks for Making Us Cry with the New Dumbo Trailer, Disney

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source: Disney

So I guess we’re going to get a live-action remake of classic Disney animated films every year now, huh? Well, we’re not complaining, we just don’t like those sneaky onion-cutting ninjas surprising us whenever a song like ‘Baby Mine’ comes back to haunt us with childhood nostalgia.

Disney have released the first full-length trailer, as well as the official poster for the Tim Burton-helmed, live-action remake of Dumbo and like we’ve said before, it got to us. Remember that scene from the original animated film? The one you can’t stop crying to?

source: Disney

It’s it the trailer and we’re pretty sure 99.9% of people who’ve seen the trailer dropped a tear or two. Check it out below:

What we got from the film’s synopsis is that it’s going to “expand” on the storyline from the classic story that we know. Although it’s not full-on Burton (imagine a Gothic Dumbo with undead Cirque Du Soleil performers), the film does have a gloomy aesthetic from what we notice from the trailer, and stars Michael Keaton (recently hailed by critics for his performance in Birdman, and who played Bruce Wayne in Burton’s campy 1989 Batman), Eva Green, Colin Farrell and Danny Devito, among others.

Dumbo flies into a cinema near you 28 March 2019. For all things pop culture, keep it here at JUICE.

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