How People Used Computers Before The Internet

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The Internet has totally revolutionised the way we use our computers

And things are only getting better, especially with TIME introducing speeds of up to 1Gbps!

But you know what they say, you never know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. That’s why we’re taking a stroll down memory lane 😉

Get ready for a blast from the past!

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Here are 14 things we used to do on computers before the Internet was a thing for everyday people:

1. Playing Solitaire non-stop on every computer

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Remember that super puas feeling when you finished the game and all the cards started bouncing around the screen??

2. Finding all the bombs in Minesweeper using the all-powerful “double-click” technique

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That means pressing the left AND right clicks of the mouse at the same time.

3. Trying to beat your score on Pinball, the game with the coolest graphics ever back in the day

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4. Playing PC games that all came in diskettes… not even CDs!

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Doom, Diablo, Prince of Persia, StarCraft, Duke Nukem 3D, Age of Empires… so many memories!

5. Learning how to type with MS Word

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We did it with two fingers and kept our eyes on the keyboard, so if you accidentally pressed the Caps Lock, YOUR WHOLE ESSAY WOULD END UP LOOKING LIKE THIS.

6. We made random things with WordArt!

source: dopl3r

7. Do you remember ClipArt?

source: Mental Floss

8. Unleashing our inner Picasso with the original Microsoft Paint

source: Elite Readers

9. And when our masterpieces were done, we would wait ten thousand years for it to be printed

HP Museum

10. Spending a lot of time labelling our floppy disks

source: Business Insider

11. Spending even more time erasing stuff from floppy disks ’cause they could only hold 1.44 MB

source: Reddit

That’s a 128GB flash drive on the left and 132MB worth of floppy disks on the right!

12. Before Wikipedia, we had Encarta as our digital encyclopedia

source: Reddit

13. We watched a lot of double-sided VCDs on our tiny computer screens

source: Gamespot

14. CD-Roms were like the coolest thing ever especially when it was rewritable haha

source: Tenor

We’ve certainly come a long way! And now we’re going even further with TIME.

source: Slewn Words

We said good-bye to Internet dial-up, now it’s time to bid farewell to slow online speeds!

TIME’s new plans are revolutionary. For just RM199/month you can get the 1Gbps plan.

TIME prides itself for owning the infrastructure and network with 100% fibre optics from end to end. This allows the company to ensure the quality of service to customers.

With no quota or unnecessary add-ons, TIME provides quality connection that is very affordable in terms of cost per bandwidth. There are plans to suit every need. So if 1Gbps is too much, you can opt for the 100Mbps package for just RM99/month.

Check out the plans on offer:

source: TIME

But what does it mean if your Internet speed is 1Gbps?

You now have the ability to transfer large files quickly to the cloud or directly to friends and family.

2. Downloads will be ultra-fast so you don’t have to stress out – you only need 16 seconds to download a movie!

3. Watch anything in 4K or UltraHD resolution with smooth streaming.

4. Your online gaming experience will be transformed – no more lags, stable connection, you’ll always be the MVP.

5. Even with multiple users in the house, you’ll still be able to connect and surf without lags – connect up to 30 devices using the Internet at the same time.

6. As devices and appliances get more intelligent, high-speed broadband is just what you need to complete your Smart Home.

7. Get ready for the future of entertainment with virtual reality – you can enjoy VR from the comfort of your home and transport yourself into a whole new universe!

The sign up process is seamless and can be done in 2 minutes! It’s quick, easy, AND you get RM100 off your first bill on top of already great prices.TIME

source: TIME

Check out TIME’s Home Broadband page now!

This article was originally published by SAYS.

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