Thai University Will Have Classes On Marijuana History and Farming

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source: Chiang Rai Times

Imagine going to class to present a full-fledged Powerpoint presentation on weed farming and having your lecturers say things like, “Okay class, today we will be learning about the difference between sativa and indica. Open your textbooks to page 420, please.”

source: Rangsit University Faculty of Agricultural Innovation

A university located in Thailand, our neighbour that recently legalised medical marijuana, will soon offer an undergraduate programme pertaining to all things cannabis. Topics that will be covered are cultivation technology, cannabis industry and medical marijuana. Furthermore, juniors from the Agricultural Innovation program can choose to specialise in marijuana history, marijuana farming tech, strain cultivation and development, and the development of marijuana for medical use.


Rangsit University, a private establishment near Bangkok, will be the first school to pioneer the education of the devil’s lettuce in hopes that it will breed a generation of resourceful entrepreneurs that will fully integrate the country’s bountiful supply of marijuana. The faculty dean had this to say about the current climate of cannabis workers,

“The world has advanced greatly in marijuana research, especially medical marijuana. But in Thailand, we don’t have skilled workers that know much about cannabis… We will be the pioneers of marijuana education programmes in Thailand.”

However, there is a caveat for those who want to apply for this interesting course. You can’t just be a stoner-Joe on the streets without a high school certificate of completion to enrol yourself at Rangsit University. On the contrary, your passion for academics is still a vital part of the discussion and you must present evidence of your high school background. For university students, you must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 and in order to be legible.

source: South China Morning Post

Set to open in August for the next academic year, this university is surely going to further propel Thailand’s cannabis empire to new heights. After all, they are the first Southeast Asian country to approve the use of medicinal marijuana. Confidently said by Jim Plamondon, vice president of marketing at Thai Cannabis Corporation (TCC),

“Thai cannabis will soon be the global industry’s profit leader, like Swiss watches or Apple smartphones.”

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