Tesco Malaysia Puts Out a Guide to Grocery Shopping for Men During MCO

source: Flipboard/ Tesco Facebook)

As we enter another two weeks of Movement Control Order, supermarkets are now full of grown men shocked to finally find out how expensive groceries actually are.

During MCO, which has been extended to 14 April 2020, Senior Minister Fadillah Yusof said that only one person in each family, or the head of the household, is allowed to go out and shop for essentials and medical items, as reported by New Straits Times. Anyone who violates the law will have to explain to the police, who will “use their discretion on this matter,” said Fadillah.

In Malaysia, men are typically stereotyped as the “head” of the family. Hence, the many confused males who swapped the role of grocery shopper with their wives.

Coming to their aid, Tesco Malaysia uploaded photo guides for buying chicken, fish and vegetables printed in Malay, Chinese and English. This might help men from overloading their phones with pictures of meat. “Sayang, mana satu thigh mana satu dada? 😭”

Netizens praised Tesco for the ad, with some tagged their husbands and friends who were struggling with grocery shopping. There were also some who weren’t confident that their husbands would get it right even after seeing the ad. “Thanks Tesco but pretty sure the hubbies still will get things wrong,” one user commented.

On Facebook, people are sharing the hilarious adventures of men in supermarkets, holding onto a list while video-calling their wives. According to Facebook user Cheanu Chew, one novice shopper even got a scolding by his wife. Damn, bro.

One final piece of advice from us at JUICE for the clueless male shopper… once you get home, remember to tell your mom/dad/wife how much you love them and thank them for getting the groceries up ’til now. And of course, take a shower to minimise the chances of bringing the bug home.

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