‘Terlajak Laris’ Aliff Syukri Appoints Himself as Malaysia’s Next Prime Minister

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(source: Hype MY)

Just yesterday (16 August), Malaysia’s Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin tendered his resignation to the King, Sultan Abdullah Ahmad Shah. While he stays on as caretaker premier for now, there appears to be no clear candidate for his successor.

The resignation garnered various reactions from netizens but despite the political tensions felt by Malaysians, several individuals tried to ease the stressful atmosphere including famous cosmetic millionaire, Dato’ Aliff Syukri aka Badang.

When the news broke, Aliff who is famous for his “Terlajak Laris” tagline, uploaded a photo of his “application” for the position as the 9th Prime Minister of Malaysia. He jokingly captioned it with “If it’s fated, then it will be” and asked his followers to pray that his journey will be eased.

Take a look:

(source: Hype MY)

Many were amused by the fake application and some even joked in the comments that one of the requirements to be a prime minister is to have a melodious voice – although personally, we can’t say Aliff has the voice of a songbird…

Aside from the netizens, Aliff’s mother, Bonda Rozita was also entertained by her son’s joke. Bonda Rozita commented that she will be the first person to revolt if Aliff Syukri is appointed as Prime Minister.

His celebrity hipster-friend Wak Doyok also chimed in and jokingly wrote, “You can’t even manage your maids without raising your voice and you dream of managing 30 million people.”

While Aliff is clearly joking, let’s hope our next PM isn’t a clown for once too.

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