Badang is Better than Black Panther? Aliff Syukri Thinks So

(source: Facebook)

Local entrepreneur and millionaire, Dato’ Aliff Syukri was recently under fire from netizens for his acting debut in local superhero film, Badang. Since it’s released on February 15, people have been flooding his Instagram and Facebook page with negative comments about the film, especially his acting portraying the role Malay folk hero, Badang.

But rather than get nasty about it, Aliff Syukri did better–he posted videos of him sharing his thoughts and feelings about the criticism–because that’s always a good idea. Below are a few choice quotes from his insights:

“Have you guys seen Badang? The film that’s been hitting the box office, even beating the movie Black Maria, Black Phantom or whatever I dunno”

“Everyone’s been talking about the film, it’s gone viral and is number one in Malaysia”

“If you guys have seen it, Alhamdulillah. Of course, it’s been tiring for me to wake up every day and do my best to act, and instead of getting appraisal for my effort you guys bashed me instead.”

One user on Facebook, Zhafran Tan gave it a 0.5/10 and warned people not to go see this movie and most of the comments on the post agreed that movie is not worth your money.

In two separate videos posted on his Instagram, Aliff Syukri expressed more on the hurtful reaction from netizens that makes him feel uneasy when he wakes up in the morning. The vids are captioned “apa salah saya?” (what’s my fault?) part 1 & 2.

apa salah saya 1?? #badang

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apa salah saya 2? #badang

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“Do you guys think all the work is for free? That I didn’t do anything? Think of my feelings, what I would feel. It hurts me.” 

“People tell me that I’m garbage, what did I do to you guys? Is the movie that bad?”

Awww… All the criticisms aside, he was positive about it and that some people said it’s doing well.

He wished that people would give him some room to learn and improve, as it was his first big role in a film. Besides that, he also urged people to go and see the film instead of making empty comments without even seeing it.

We haven’t watched Badang ourselves, we’re still trying to figure out what is a badang. So help us out here, guys…

Despite the reactions Badang received, do you guys think this movie deserves a sequel? Let us know in the comments below.

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