Terengganu Gov’t To Offer Paid ‘Second Honeymoon’ To 40 Couples In Attempt To Save Their Marriage

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source: Guy Stuff Counselling

What better way to salvage your troubled marriage than with a fully sponsored holiday, right?

On Saturday (February 18), the Terengganu state government announced its decision to send a total of 40 unhappy couples on the brink of separation on a three-day, two-night ‘second honeymoon’.

source: Astro Awani

Hanafiah Mat, the chairman of the State Welfare, Women Development, Family, and National Unity Committee, said the state government opted to continue the programme because it had been effective in reuniting 60% of the couples who had participated in an earlier round.

The majority of married individuals who were chosen for the programme have been together for longer than five years.

As per Yahoo News, Hanafiah was quoted as stating in Marang, Terenganu, on Friday, “We aim to help save their marriage and rekindle the lost spark in their marriage throughout the programme.”

source: Tabung Bailmatul

He said that the Terengganu Family Development Foundation is behind the scheme, which aims to reduce the state’s divorce rates.

According to recent reports, there have been 10,000 more single mothers in Terengganu during the past three years. It was also reported that the second honeymoon package includes motivational presentations at “interesting locales” as part of its activities. It lasts three days and two nights.

Good luck to the couples involved!