Terengganu PAS Youth Members LARP As Medieval Islamic Warriors While Marching For A Two-Day Parade

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LARPing | source: YouTube (ClubN3Rd)

Have y’all ever LARPed? That’s an acronym for live action role-playing. Now I love dressing up in costumes as much as the next person, but 10 times out of 10… it’s usually for parties (the halal ones of course).

Over the past few days, the internet has been going crazy over pictures and videos of Terengganu PAS Youth members marching together in a parade, dressed in medieval Islamic war costumes while brandishing fake shields, spears and swords.

source: FMT

The parade was part of an annual two-day PAS Youth gathering called Himpunan Pemuda Islam Terengganu, or Himpit for short, according to FMT.

PAS president Hadi Awang was among those present at the parade that took place last Friday (17 Feb) in Setiu, Terengganu which even included activities such as football and sepak takraw matches in addition to motorcycle convoys.

Mohd Harun Esa | source: Berita PAS

Terengganu PAS Youth chief, Mohd Harun Esa, claimed that there were no elements of violence or provocation during the event and the usage of medieval war uniforms was all part of the march’s theme.

That being said, not all PAS members were too keen at the sight of their fellow youth representatives dressed like they were going out for a holy war.

“It was strange”

source: Twitter

Those were the exact words of PAS Youth chief, Ahmad Fadhli Shaari, in reference to seeing Terengganu PAS Youth members marching in unison with fake medieval weaponry and attire.

Fadhli claims that he was only invited for the event’s launch but was unaware of the march.

Additionally, CEO of Emir Research, Datuk Dr Rais Hussin, criticised the event on Twitter and accused PAS of attempting to “hijack Islam with their own political narratives and images”.

The aftermath

source: Twitter

Several members who were in attendance at the parade have since been called in for questioning by Terengganu state police after three separate reports were lodged.

Members of the general public are concerned that acts like this would indoctrinate local youths into having a more radical Islamist mindset while causing a greater rift in racial and religious tensions within the country.

Do you agree?