Inap Ramah: M’sian Woman Offers RM5 Overnight Stays At Luxurious Melaka Home For B40 Community

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With the economical pressure of the post-pandemic world, it seemed that even staycations and domestic trips had become a luxury.

In line with that, and inspired by the new Menu Ramah programme whereby participating restaurants and stores sell RM5 meals, this Malaysian woman decided to take matters into her own hands and offer stays at her home in Melaka at the rate of RM5 per night.

Located in Ayer Keroh, the house comprises 4 bedrooms, fully air-conditioned rooms, a private pool, a BBQ pit, WiFi and Astro. The pricing was advertised via Facebook under a package called “Inap Rahmah”, made with the intention of providing underprivileged Malaysians the chance to experience a pleasant holiday.

Providing the package, according to Sarasera Homestay’s 34-year-old proprietor Nurul Himmah Muhammad Kamaruzzaman, is her way of supporting the government’s effort to support the needy, particularly the B40 community in Malaysia.

source: Facebook

“I figured, if we already have the Menu Rahmah, why not also help the B40 community who’ve likely never had the delightful experience of spending a night with their family in this magnificent guesthouse that is furnished with a pool for a fee of just RM5 per night,” Nurul Himmah told Malaysia Gazette.

Notably, the homestay also comes with 2 bicycles for guests to use, a pressure cooker, and a kitchen with gas so guests can also cook for themselves.

source: Facebook

“My father passed away when I was four years old, I used to assist my mother in selling vegetables at the night market, so I’ve witnessed firsthand how difficult life can be,” she added. In light of this, she expressed her hope that her modest effort could have a profound impact on those who genuinely desired it.

The initial nightly rate for Sarasera Homestay, which opened for business in January, was RM650 on weekdays, and RM750 on weekends and on holidays.

source: Facebook

In order to ensure that this campaign truly reaches the target community, guests will be required to submit their income documentation for the Inap Ramah package, which is only available during the weekdays of February and March; subject to availability and fulfilment of specific regulations.

As stated by Nurul Himmah, “The goal is to have big families, maybe a group of 10 or 15, come together and enjoy the pool amenities and a BBQ that can enhance family bonds”.

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