Tegan and Sara’s Love You To Death


Tegan and Sara’s single ‘Boyfriend’ is the perfect pop song that manages to incorporate queer perspective without being overwrought with delicate complexities. Very simply put in the chorus, Sara writes about a girl who was not ready to make their relationship official. But skilfully, she manages to play with gender roles and partnership – be it romantic or platonic. Tegan and Sara are both queer women in pop and that’s rare, even though queer pop stars have reached the mainstream, they are predominantly male – for instance Sam Smith and Olly Alexander from Years & Years. A lot of press have made a fuss about the twin’s transition from their folk indie beginnings to deeper venturing into synth pop as if pop music would make their confessional songs less earnest or relatable. But aside from the dealings of fancying someone, Sara also wrote two songs that chronicle the struggles she experienced with Tegan, namely ‘White Knuckles’ and ‘100x’, which in particular illustrates an image of Sara’s leaving with a clarity that’s further amplified by the simplicity of the piano. However, the sisters assured fans that they have made amends; ‘U-Turn’ can be the effervescent make-up song, if you like.

Watch the canine-filled music video for ‘100x’ below:

Rating: 4

Tegan and Sara’s Love You To Death is released via Warner Music.

Tegan and Sara will play at The Star Theatre, Singapore on Friday 29 July ’16. Tickets for the show can be purchased here