Teenager Tied & Dragged By Villagers For Stealing Money From Mosque To Help His Sick Father

The teenage boy who was tied up. source: Harian Metro

A teenage boy was tied up before being dragged around by villagers after he stole some money from a mosque’s donation box to help his sick dad last Wednesday.

The incident took place in Desa Ceumpeudak, Banda Aceh, and a video recording of it went viral on social media in the country showing the teenager whose hands and neck were tied with a nylon rope.

Tanah Jombo Aye police AKP Ahmad Yani, who confirmed the incident said the boy was stealing food because his father was lying in the hospital and ran out of money to buy food, resulting in the boy stealing.

An uncle of the teenager who found out about the case repaid all the money that was taken by his nephew from the mosque’s donation box.

“The money has been returned to the mosque’s coffers by the teenager’s uncle,” Ahmad Yani said.

While it was embarrassing and unnecessarily cruel to subject the boy to that kind of punishment, his family has decided not to prolong the issue against the perpetrator and considered it over.