Man Rents a Perodua Axia From a Car Rental Service Then Sells It Off To Someone Else

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source: Sinar Harian

A car rental service operator in Bukit Beruntung can finally catch his breath after his Perodua Axia, which was stolen on 12 May was found in good condition.

Muhammad Nizamudden Mohd Abd Kadzar, 27, said that after the post of his stolen car went viral on social media, he received information from the public that the vehicle was in Tanah Merah, Kelantan.

According to Nizamudden, he and his brother rushed to Tanah Merah around 5am on Friday and managed to track down the car at around 11am.

“However, the vehicle was not driven by the original tenant, but by a 40-year-old man who claimed to have bought the car with a deposit of RM1,500.

“He was informed that the car was a ‘kereta sakit‘ and would continue to pay the instalments after the vehicle documents have been obtained by the party who sold the car,” Nizamudden told Sinar Harian.

Photo used for illustration purposes only. (source: Carousell)

Nizamudden also said that the car had been slightly modified with tinted mirrors and the vehicle’s plate number has been changed to a smaller size.

“While the original tenant could not be traced, it’s believed he is still in Kelantan with his daughter. The vehicle has been taken to a nearby police station for a report and it will be taken home after the related matters are solved,” he said.

When asked whether the rental car was installed with a GPS tracker, Nizammuden said it had a safety device but it did not work and was believed to have been removed by the tenant before selling it off.

“In any case, I am thankful that my car was found again. I hope other rental car operators are more careful to avoid the same incident from happening to them,” Nizamudden said.