Taylor Swift’s Cat Is Crowned World’s Third-Richest Pet With A Total Net Worth of $97 Million

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source: The Economic Times

Meet Olivia Benson

Aside from being pop icon, Taylor Swift’s pet cat, she’s also apparently the world’s third-richest pet with a net worth of $97 million.

I’ve never really contemplated the net worth of a pet but when you’re an A-list celebrity with a taste for the finer things in life, it’s pretty safe to assume that you’d spoil your furry companion silly.

source: India Today

According to All About Cats, who put out an entire list of the world’s richest pets, Olivia falls in third place just behind Nala Cat who was valued at $100 million and Gunther VI, a German sheperd worth $500 million.

The more I type, the sadder I become at the realisation that I might not ever be as rich as a German Sheperd. In any case, you might be wondering:

How Is A Pet’s Net Worth Even Measured?

source: All About Cats

As All About Cats points out, “By analyzing the Instagrams of pets with the most followers, likes, and engagement rates, we discovered the top 50 most influential pets.

“We also wanted to see just how much these animals could make for their loving owners.

“Using Instagram data we estimated how much each of these pets could make per Instagram post to discover who among them were the highest earners, and how much the most influential cats could pull in per post.”

source: Business Today

What’s With The Name?

Now that we’ve addressed how these furry critters have their net worth assessed, another question you probably have is why Taylor Swift named her cat Olivia Benson in the first place.

She’s actually named after a character from the show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit played by Mariska Hargitay. Marca also mentions that Olivia has starred in multiple music videos in addition to various commercials.

One of them was for Diet Coke way back in 2014.

And I Found The Video:

How much have you spent on your pet?