Malaysian EXO Fan Unknowingly Acted Alongside D.O in K-Drama ‘Bad Prosecutor’ As An Extra!

source: The Star

Meet Naufal Omar (pictured left), a 24-year-old fresh grad from Johor currently residing in South Korea, who got the chance of a lifetime to act alongside his idol, D.O, of legendary K-pop group EXO, in the K-drama Bad Prosecutor.

The 24-year-old Johor resident has loved EXO since 2013 and made an Instagram post on Dec 29 stating how he’d “unlocked another achievement” after landing a minor role as a salt farmer in the series.

source: Borneo Bulletin

According to the Star, Naufal said, “To be honest, I didn’t realise at first it (the role) was for his (D.O.) drama but as soon as I arrived, he was there and I was stunned,” and revealed that he was paid RM1000 for the role.

Unfortunately, Naufal didn’t manage to get any pictures with his idol as he wanted to remain professional and explained that he was taken straight back to Seoul after his scene ended as the shoot was taking place in another city.

source: TikTok

That being said, he did manage to snag a photograph with EXO member, Kai (pictured above) so I think that’s still a win for him being a die-hard EXO fan.

Despite being unable to get one for the gram with his idol D.O, Naufal did mention that he was very nice to everybody on set.

source: Pinkvilla

Naufal believes the reason he landed this role was because he’d worked as an extra back in 2021 for the K-drama series, Racket Boys, which was put out by the same company producing Bad Prosecutor.

Ultimately, Naufal feels really strongly that people should not stop chasing their dreams because no dream is unachievable.

source: Twitter

“To all the dreamers out there, keep dreaming until you make it. Studying in South Korea has always been a dream of mine since middle school. Many of my classmates teased me because they thought my dream was impossible.

“If you want to study in Korea, do it. Ignore those who bring you down and prove to them that no dream is impossible”.

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