LISTEN: What Happens When Tame Impala’s Music is Mixed with the Stranger Things Theme Song

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We’ve publicly expressed our love for Australia’s psychedelic poster boys Tame Impala, and have always admired the otherworldly production skills of its frontman Kevin Parker, but a fan (we dare say a bigger fan than us here at JUICE) has mixed together the band’s artistry with one of modern day’s most-watched show, Stranger Things, and the result couldn’t be any groovier than this self-made track.

Reinterpreted by Flynn Hendry (who’s also an Australian), the sci-fi elements of the show’s theme song were creatively put together with Tame Impala sounding drums and synthwave guitar, warped into a short tune that has an old-school, VHS vibe that pop culture seems to have a lot of lately. Furthermore, there’s something organic yet legitimate about the Stranger Things tribute, appropriately named ‘Strange Impalas’ on Hendry’s SoundCloud account.

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