LISTEN: Tame Impala’s Got a Bunch of New B-Sides & Remixes

Last we heard of Tame Impala is their 2015 record Currents, which was and still is one of the trippiest pieces of art by the Aussie psychedelic band to date – and helped seal the deal for frontman Kevin Parker’s ingenious music-making. Compared to the previous two albums, Currents is a portrayal of the band’s authentic self, engineered without the help of Dave Fridmann (who’s worked on MGMT and the Flaming Lips) yet still manages to gain the attention it deserves thanks to tracks like ‘The Less I Know the Better’ and ‘Let It Happen’.

As an extension to Currents, the band has officially released the Currents B-Sides & Remixes EP that includes three new songs, one new remix, and a Soulwax remix that was previously shared. Additionally, you can purchase the box set called Currents Collectors Edition, featuring the three new songs in a 7″ vinyl and flexidisc, as well as two new remixes on a 12″ vinyl. The box set also comes with the original album red marbled vinyl, new artwork, a poster, and a zine with “images and scribbles” from the band’s recording process.

Parker talked about the inception of the EP’s opening track ‘List of People (To Try to Forget About)’, one of the three new singles that just got previewed by Zane Lowe, on Apple Music Beats 1 Radio show.

“I guess one of the reasons it didn’t end up on the album (Lonerism) is because it was started on so early and I was so over it by the time I was finishing the album,” he told Lowe. “But by the time I got to finish it I was really satisfied with it as a song, and as a chunk of my creativity and emotion and stuff.”

Listen to the Currents B-Sides & Remixes EP below:

Tame Impala’s Currents Collectors Edition is available today onwards via Interscope.