Takeout Boyfriend Tackles the Uncertainties of Modern Dating in New Single ‘Morning Light’

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After his successful single ‘Neverending‘ that was released last August, Mikhail a.k.a. Takeout Boyfriend has been busy cooking up and teasing new tunes for his upcoming EP (which we’re excited about). His new trap-pop single ‘Morning Light‘ is mellow, with layers of samples on top of moody synths which blends well with theme of the song that tackles a very relatable issue for today’s youth – the uncertainties of modern dating.

You know, Tinder, Grindr, whatever.

“Everyone’s had an oddly special, really great night with an unexpected person before. It could’ve been a night out at the bars, or a spontaneous midnight drive up to Genting – it feels separate from the worries of real life, a shared little temporary bubble,” Mikhail wrote,

“But what happens when the night ends? Will things go back to normal, or are those feelings still going to be there in the morning light?”

It sure is relatable. Although the song is called ‘Morning Light‘, we feel that it’s the perfect song for that spontaneous midnight drive up to Genting AND we hope that whatever happens afterwards will be positive.

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