“Neighbour From Hell”: Sungai Chua Flat Unit Vandalised As Inhabitants Are ‘Too Noisy’ & Disruptive

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Living in close proximity may lead to unsurprising conflicts and tension, but how much is too much?

A resident living at a local flat definitely had their fill of a “Neighbour from Hell” and chose to convey this message to them in the form of purple spray paint.

A Tiktok video published 3 days ago (August 1) captured the words rumah suka bising, which roughly translates to ‘noisy house’ written in violet capital letters; communicating the issue in a pretty straightforward manner.

@enridwan Biar kita miskin harta jangan miskin Adap . Kesian jiran hadap hari-hari jiran macam nie. Agent pening macam mana nak jual rumah kalau jiran macam gini😅#rumahbusuk#propertyagent ♬ original sound – Ridwan Ibrahim

Watch here if the video does not load.

If you watched the video with the volume on, you’ll probably see where the culprit is coming from.

Netizens were also appalled by the noise coming from the unit, believed to be that of a television transmitting sound at a very high volume. At one point, the blare of a gunshot or some other action-related blast is heard, perhaps from a video game or movie.

This led many to criticise the unit’s dwellers who seemed to be oblivious to senior neighbours who may be sensitive to all the clamour.

Some queried the poster regarding the location of the flat, speculating that it may have been somewhere in Puchong or Kelantan. Nonetheless, it was confirmed shortly after that residence was in Sungai Chua, Kajang.

source: mStar

According to mStar, the TikTok user who shot the video was actually a real estate agent known as Muhammad Ridzwan Ibrahim who was actually on a visit to one of his clients’ homes.

The 30-year-old told reporters that he had come to the area to inspect the client’s home, located close to the thunderous flat unit, as the client was planning on selling it.

Ridwan, who has been a real estate agent for three years, then expressed compassion for the surrounding neighbours.

“In addition to performing inspections in the house, I patrol the surrounding region and examine the living conditions and parking facilities.

“When I got close to that noisy house, I assumed it was inhabited by one person, but I now know that it is occupied by a family, because I was able to hear children’s voices,” he explained.

source: mStar

The episode, according to the father of the two children, was not the first time a neighbour’s house was disruptive during an inspection.

“I once brought a potential buyer to take a look at a house in Cheras. We were about to ascend the stairs when loud music began to play. Prospective buyers are no longer interested in purchasing when this happens.

“There is a selling value for promoting a property as an agent. In addition to convenience, peacefulness is an important aspect. How will a buyer feel in 10 or 20 years if the noise persists? If the neighbours tend to make a lot of noise, it becomes challenging for the landlord to sell the property,” he continued.

In fact, Ridwan stated that he discovered his client’s house in Kajang had undergone renovations, along with the installation of more soundproof doors and windows.

source: Taylor & Fletcher

“When residing in a stratified residential area, common sense and respect for the neighbours are necessary; if the neighbours can’t tolerate the noise, it will continue until the house is sprayed.

“However, I believe the residents of Rumah Suka Bising are cold-hearted and uncaring as despite the house being vandalised, they continue to make excessive noise,” he explained.

Lastly, Ridwan refuted a few netizens’ perceptions in the comments section who stereotyped the behaviour of the flat’s residents as an example the B40 group’s mentality.

“It’s not the B40 group’s fault; it’s the mindset of individuals. Some of the M40 group also live in landed properties and disturb the neighbours in a similar way. This is exacerbated by the outlook of individuals who lack rational thinking.

“However, it is up to the individual to change himself, not the surrounding community,” he said.

source: Malaysia Gazatte

Readers are advised not to participate in vandalistic acts and inform the police shall they find themselves in similar situations.

Lodge a police report at the nearest police station (PDRM) or call in (03 – 2266 2222) to lodge a complaint.

Upon investigation and conviction of the offence for making excessive noise, the offender shall be liable to a fine not exceeding RM100.

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