SUI Gin: The House Of Suntory Introduces A New Drink From Japan That Pairs Well With Every Meal

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Calling all gin lovers! There’s a new guy on the block and you don’t wanna miss out.

The House of Suntory introduces SUI, a Gin made in Japan and crafted with unique Japanese botanicals. With its clear and refreshing taste, SUI Gin is the perfect beverage to celebrate with family and friends with any meal, anytime.

SUI Gin has tasting notes comprising of a refreshing blend of eight traditional gin botanicals – juniper berry, coriander seed, angelica seed, angelica root, cardamom, cinnamon, bitter orange peel and lemon peel – but is given a signature Japanese flair with the addition of yuzu, green tea and ginger.

The name itself is portrayed after the Kingfisher, where the bottle shows a bold Kanji character inked by master calligrapher Tansetsu Ogino. The character itself translates to ‘Jade’, an ode to the beautiful blue-green accents that shine through Suntory’s hopes for the brand to soar in the Gin market.

The House of Suntory’s desire to create Western spirits tailored to the Japanese palate is enjoyed by everyone from different cultures all over the world.

The freshness from each traditional Japanese botanical has its palate, especially when it is paired with Japanese delicacies such as edamame, noodles and yakitori.

SUI Gin is refreshing when it is paired with food from around the world such as dumplings, salmon, curries and paté. It is the perfect beverage to enjoy at every meal together.

To savour the refreshing taste of SUI Gin, the perfect combination and ratio are important. Imagine getting together with friends for a celebration at your favourite Japanese restaurant? All you need is a bottle of SUI Gin with the perfect mixture.

To add more depth and complexity, add a splash of tonic water and enjoy it as an SUI Gin Sonic or create your flavours by adding your very own infusion: a squeeze of lemon, a tablespoon of Yuzu juice, raw grated ginger, or green tea.

Why not get trendy by adding a touch of unique flavours such as crushed plum, wasabi, Shiso leaves, or frozen oranges? SUI Gin does the trick!

SUI Gin is packaged in a 700ml bottle and will be available at select restaurants and bars.

It will also be available at select retail outlets all across the country and can also be purchased online at The Good Stuff, Wholly Spirit, Whiskery.

For more information about SUI Gin, visit Suntory’s website, or SUI Gin’s Instagram page. Cheers!