Sudarshan: Not a Fool

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Being a part of Tiga Segi Tiga, which is probably just one in hundreds of bands local Dada frontman Kuning Pening has formed with him, the uninitiated could easily mistake Sudarshan (and by extension the rest of his peers) as nothing more than a novelty comedy act. They’d be right, and they’d be wrong. For all their hysterical theatrics and bewildering stage experimentations, Sudarshan and company are genuine music talents. After all, you can’t improvise by banging on random objects and still make it sound good if you weren’t. As the electronic maestro among them – Sudar’s set includes everything from KORG Pads to radio transceiver – his solo music is surprisingly more accessible even when it’s just as random.

Foolish by Sudarshan

A visit to Sudar’s Soundcloud page would introduce you to genres such as acoustic grindcore and technical r’n’b, and they sound exactly like what the names suggest. New track ‘Foolish’ on the other hand is something else entirely, a calming melancholy of unrequited love that will make you sit alone and think of Sudarshan.

Visit and tell us if you, too, think Sudar is a genius.