Style & Seal: Here’s A Quick Way To Curl Your Hair & Minimise Frizz Without Burning Yourself

頭髮造型神器推薦!各種韓妞時髦捲、女神柔順直髮,DAFNI muse都幫你輕鬆達成,而且髮絲還超亮澤! | Marie Claire 美麗佳人

No matter your hair type – curly, straight, frizzy, or smooth, we’re all guilty of applying heat to our hair in one way or another to switch it up.

With that said, there’s way too many products to purchase on the market to serve each purpose (and not to mention the storage space). Ever wonder if you could have all these purposes – straightening, curling, anti-frizz, and beachy waves in one?

Look no further! DAFNI Muse has all these functions built into one wand. DAFNI Muse applies the DAFNI technology to a tool that offers a wide range of looks.

Use your DAFNI Muse in different ways to achieve a variety of results- whether those are beach waves that you’re after, or the trendy combination of straight and curly – it can all be achieved with this one device.

Possibly the biggest problem with current curling tools is how unsafe they are. Exposed burning-hot barrels, that the user is meant to wrap her hair around, are an immediate danger to the user.

Using the DAFNI technology, with inner anti-static bristles that maintain a distance between the ceramic surface and the scalp, plus the outer bristles that prevent the fingers from touching the ceramic surface, bring a whole new world of possibilities to curl hair completely care-free.

DAFNI muse ™ - Dafnihair

DAFNI Muse is especially designed to have the hair heat up in the ceramic surface, and then immediately cool on the back part of the brush.

This STYLE & SEAL design allows to lock in the wanted result, as the hair is being transformed in heat, yet the result is fixated when cooled.

Not only will your hair look good, it also gives your hair minimal heat exposure. DAFNI Muse has a constant temperature of 185 °C – optimal for all hair types, while not using any unnecessary excessive heat.

In contrast to curling irons, where the hair is wrapped around a hot barrel and stays on it, with DAFNI Muse the hair is not overly exposed to the heat of the ceramic surface, and is able to cool down with the help of the back of the brush.

This reduces the chances of your hair burning and becoming damaged from overheating!


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The wand’s features make it easy for any user to operate, with built-in safety features such as the auto shut off feature that turns off after 15 minutes of inactivity. This is a great feature for forgetful people.

Yes, you know who you are, and those that are constantly on the go like busy moms who still want to look fabulous when picking up their kids. No more burn marks on your vanity table!


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And if that wasn’t enough, DAFNI has a plethora of other products for all hair types and styles, built in with the same tech along with the safety features.

The DAFNI classic is the first and original DAFNI. The wide surface makes quick hair taming achievable and is most suited for unruly hair. 


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The DAFNI go is similar to the classic, with a narrower barrel better suited for shorter hair and portability purposes.

However, if you prefer a cordless option they also have the DAFNI allure, which works for 20-25 minutes between charges. No more having to worry about finding a plug point! You can easily freshen up your hair in the office, car and even on the airplane! It’s just that portable and convenient.

Visionary Solutions is the sole distributor of Dafni and other premium brands such as Blueair, KitchenAid, iRobot and many more…

Check out their Facebook page here and their Instragram page here. And if you’re interested in purchasing a DAFNI product for yourself, head on over to  their partner retailers such as Harvey Norman, TBM and A Cut Above or shop online at Dafni Flagship Store on Lazada, Shopee and Visionary Solutions website.

Happy shopping!