Stunning Malaysian Mother of Three Wins Third Place at Mrs World 2019

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(source: Astro Gempak)

After 35 years of Mrs. Malaysia World flying under the radar, finally this year, stunning Kokilam Kathirvailu was named second runner-up in the prestigious beauty pageant, Mrs. World 2019. The announcement was made at the West Gate Resort in Las Vegas, US on Saturday (4 May 2019).

The mother of three won the Mrs. Malaysia World 2018-2019 pageant in September 2018 before contesting for the Mrs. World 2019 title. Now, who says we turn into Shrek once we get married and have kids?

(source: Malay Mail)

Mrs. Malaysia World national director, who is also the winner of the Mrs. Malaysia World 2017, Datin Harveen Kaur said that the main aim of the beauty contest was to be “a celebration of married women to capture the success of marriage and use it to bring more joy into the world.”

Kokilam, 34, hailing from KL was honoured to be the first Malaysian to have been in the top three in 35 years. According to Malay Mail, she said that married women should always dream big.

“Married women should always think big and never compromise on their dreams and passion. By winning this beauty pageant, I want to set an example that life does not end for women once they are married. Think big and achieve your passion,” said Kokilam.

(source: NST)

The Mrs. World 2019 pageant featured contestants from 38 countries. The winner of this year is Jennifer Le of Vietnam, and the 1st runner-up, Matapa Maila Rikhotso of South Africa. Congrats to the other winners and we couldn’t be more proud of our very own Mrs. Malaysia World 2019!

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