Stunning Brown Eye Photo Taken by M’sian Father Ends Up on Apple’s Official Instagram

(source: screenshots from @Apple IG)

Having your photography skills recognised by a huge global brand is a pretty big deal – especially one with over 26 million followers!

Recently, a Malaysian photographer, Badrul Akram Badaruddin from Perak got featured on Apple’s official Instagram account and was praised by many over a picture he took using an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

What makes it sweeter is the fact that the image consists of his 4-year-old son, Luth Fateh Badrul Akram’s right eye. The photo had immense details as the sun showered Luth’s brown eyes.

It almost had us fooled to think that it was taken with an actual professional camera!

According to Berita Harian, Badrul found out about the feature when he received a notification from Apple around midnight via Instagram and was pleasantly surprised when he saw his son’s picture.

“I woke my wife up to tell her about it. I couldn’t go back to sleep after that,” he said.

(source: @Bartdul on IG)

Badrul explained that it was a spur-of-the-moment thing when he took the picture in the car about 6pm while on the way to his mother’s house in Taman Lela, Kamunting with the whole family.

“I uploaded the picture on Instagram in early July with the hashtags #ShotoniPhone and #ShotoniPhoneProMax. Apple contacted me for details and informed that it would consider my picture.

“I did not have high expectations about it because I had been contacted by Apple two years ago for a night mode picture challenge and did not get any response after that.

“I did not expect my picture to be chosen this time around, so my dream to be recognised by Apple has been achieved,” Badrul said.

So far, the image has gained more than 280 thousand likes with nearly 900 comments on it.


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Badrul further explained that he had ventured into photography in 2010 and learned from experienced photographers and on his own.

“Apple Instagram is one of the accounts that I refer to as the pictures there have beautiful captions and stories. I am grateful that my son’s picture has been picked and shared for the whole world to see”, he said.

Besides that one photo, Badrul’s Instagram has many more stunning photographs.

Make sure to check out his Instagram!