PHOTOS: Students From Religious School In Kajang Take Kafa Exams In Flooded Classroom

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source: Malay Mail

A video depicting students sitting for an exam in a flooded classroom that went viral yesterday was filmed at a religious school in Kajang, according to the Selangor Fire and Rescue Department.

The school is situated in a low-lying location that frequently experiences flash floods, according to Norazam Khamis, director of the Selangor fire and rescue department. He confirmed this in an interview with FMT.

source: FMT

Norazam further said yesterday’s downpour in Kajang, which lasted for more than an hour, caused the water level to begin surging somewhere around 4.30 p.m. Based on his statements, 64 11-year-old students who were taking their UPKK, or Kafa class assessments, were affected by the flooding.

source: FMT

The exams were conducted under the supervision of eight teachers.

Thankfully, Norazam also confirmed that no unwanted incidents transpired, and the situation was under control. The water started to subside around 7 p.m. He also asserted that the floods only affected the region around the school, where the water level had risen to 0.6m.