Student Doctor Receives 200 Marriage Requests After Posting Up ‘Why You Should Date Me’ Slides

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(source: Redaksi)

Looking for love has never been easier for this student doctor who recently received over 200 marriage “applications” in response to his creative dating-resume posted on Twitter last week.

Titled ‘Why You Should Date Me’, Muhammad Naquib Hasief Baharin created a seven-page PowerPoint slide presentation and posted it on social media without thinking much. A few RTs later, it went viral and the response quickly became overwhelming as he received over 200 requests which caused his phone to experience problems.

“I never imagined doing this, it was done spontaneously. I did not think it was wrong to try because I am still single… Looks are not the main criterion for me. What is important is that the woman is educated, courteous, carries herself well and gets on well with my family,” he told Harian Metro.

He said his intention was not meant to belittle women at all and mentioned that he was serious about settling down.

In the now-deleted post, Naquib also listed his requirements for the “perfect wife”, which included being based in Johor, having a monthly salary based on performance, as well as being well-educated, mature and having good table manners.

He also said that the winning candidate must laugh at his jokes and agree to come along to family events. Sounds easy enough!

Take a look at his slides that captured the attention of the ladies, and maybe you can recreate one yourself: